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              HEART - Heart Embryology and Anatomy Research Team

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"Virtual, interactive visualisation of the three-dimensional architecture
of the human heart"

1 500 000 PLN
PI: Mateusz K. Hołda MD, PhD, DSc

The aim of this project is three-dimensional visualization of
individual sub-components of the human heart, with emphasis
on the 
location of cardiac electrical conduction system
and the provision of information on the morphometric characteristics
of the whole 
organ. The data obtained during the research will
ultimately be used to create a unique computer application
containing interactive, 
three-dimensional visualizations of the human
heart that integrates the existing knowledge about the organ
structure and containing 
the standards for its dimensions.
The application will contain at least 20 three-dimensional models
obtained in the segmentation of 
autopsied hearts scanned using
contrast-enhanced micro-tomography, 20 three-dimensional models
obtained in the course of 
segmentation of clinical computed
tomography from patients with morphologically unchanged hearts
and 60 three-dimensional 
models obtained from patients with a wide
spectrum of heart diseases/defects. The off-commercial end results
of this project will be: 
the creation of whole heart scanning
protocols using contrast-enhanced micro-tomography, a scientific
description of the location, 
appearance and dimensions of the
individual elements of cardiac electrical conduction system,
the creation of the first, systematized 
formal and morphometric
description of all clinically relevant heart structures.

The project is funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), Poland (LIDER/7/0027/L-10/18/NCBR/2019).



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