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             HEART - Heart Embryology and Anatomy Research Team

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Mateusz K. Hołda MD, PhD, DSc                                               

Professor, TEAM LEADER, HERAT Co-founder

Department of Anatomy, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland
Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, The University of Manchester, UK
Department of Diagnostics, John Paul II Hospital in Kraków, Poland

Medical doctor, scientists, cardioanatomists, academic teacher, scientific advisor, science popularizer and influencer. 

The first scientist in modern history in Poland that has earned PhD degree before any Master's (or equivalent). The youngest holder of PhD degree in medical sciences in Polish history (24 years old). The youngest holder of DSc degree in Polish history (27 years old). The youngest full professor in Polish history (29 years old).

Author of 93 scientific publications (total IF: 304; total citations: 1093; H-index: 19). Author of over 140 scientific conference papers presented during Polish and international congresses - they have been awarded 21 times. Principal Investigator of 8 externally founded projectss (total budget over 1 000 000 EUR). Academic Editor in Plos One and Translational Research in Anatomy. Journal referee at the invitation for more than 50 scientific journals listed on Journal Citation Reports (JCR) list. Scientific supervisor and PhD thesis supervisor of eight medical doctors. Member of American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA), European Society of Cardiology (ESC), European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) and Polish Cardiac Society (PTK). Awarded with over 30 awards and scholarships, among others: Premio Internazionale “Giuseppe Sciacca” (Vatican City, 2019), Emerging Europe Award – Young Influencer of the Year (London, 2019), Forbes “30 under 30 Europe” in science and healthcare (London, 2019), Polish Intelligent Development Award (Warsaw, 2019), Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland scholarships for young outstanding scientists (Warsaw, 2018), Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation (Warsaw, 2018), 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting – Fellow of Bayer Science Foundation (Lindau, 2018), Foundation for Polish Science Scholarship START (Warsaw, 2017) and Polish Academy of Sciences Award - dr Wacław Mayzel Medical Laurel (Warsaw, 2015).


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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron



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